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Onsite Service, Metro Melbourne

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MattaSoft Technology Solutions technicians are available to provide same day service in Metro Melbourne Areas.

Our Advantages

Same day service


No fix no fee


We come to you


No call out fee


We are commited to provide our customers with the best computer repair experience and we guarantee "No fix no fee" and thats our promise.

We are mobile computer repair technicians in Melbourne, delivers fast and guaranteed service at your home or office.

All our services are covered by a fixed price schedule. No surprises, no hidden cost, we will quote you upfront.

Data Backup and Recovery

Services in Melbourne

Accidentally deleted important documents or photos. Your computer, laptop or server hard drive crashed and your valuable data is on that hard drive.

MattaSoft Technology Solutions data recovery expert technicians can help you to recover your precious data. We provide extensive expertise in data recovery from almost any media type. We can successfully recover data from failed hard drives, tape drives, memory sticks, removable hard disks, floppy disks, digital camera data cards, and many other media types.


MattaSoft Technology Solutions Data Backup service will get you set up with a regular, automated backups in the cloud or onto a removable external hard drive.

We also provide Data Erase service which involves removing all your confidential files and information from the hard drive permanently  ensuring its squeaky clean. If you're thinking of reselling or donating your computer, we'd strongly recommend this service to make sure you're not accidentally sharing your personal information with the world.


Our data recovery service comes with "No data no fee" promise, so if we can't recover your data for you, we won't charge you a thing.


We offer the following data recovery services:

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Call us today on 03 9016 5110 or 0422 637 637 or send us an email.

Hard Drive Recovery

It's important to stop using a faulty or damaged hard disk immediately to prevent further damage.

RAID Data Recovery

Recovery from a RAID configuration is a very extensive process and has many variables. Any DIY processes attempted may reduce the chances of successful data recovery.

USB Data Recovery

We successfully recover data  from portable media devices such as USB External Storage containing logical, mechanical and electrical damage.

Common symptoms that your hard drive media is requiring professional data recovery services include:

Hard drive is producing clunking sounds, Hard drive is producing clicking sounds, Hard drive is producing knocking sounds, Hard drive is producing whistling sounds, Hard drive is producing grinding sounds, Hard drive is producing smoke, Hard drive is physically burnt, Hard drive is virus infected, Hard drive appears unformatted, Hard drive is producing grinding sounds, Hard drive is physically burnt, Hard drive is virus infected, Hard drive appears unformatted, Operating system freezing, Operating system hanging, Operating system not booting, Computer restarting, BIOS not detecting drive, Accidental file deletion, Accidental drive formatting, Accidental drive imaging, Unable to access operating system partition, Unable to access operating data partition/s


Our data recovery services feature the following value added components:


Most common data recovery services we provide:

Data Recovery Melbourne

RAID Data Recovery Melbourne

Faulty Hard Drive Recovery Melbourne

USB Data Recovery Melbourne

Melbourne Data Recovery

RAID-5 Data Recovery Melbourne

Laptop Data Recovery Melbourne

PC Data Recovery Melbourne


IDE/EIDE/ATA Hard Drives (1.8”, 2.5”, 3.5” and ZIF Interfaces)

SATA Hard Drives (2.5” and 3.5” Interfaces)

SCSI Hard Disk Drives


Combinations of RAID 10, RAID 15, RAID 50

Damaged RAID Arrays

Network Access Storage RAID Recovery

RAID controller failure

USB 1.0/2.0 Portable Media

Firewire Portable Media

SATA Portable Media

Hard drive makes clicking sound

Mechanical hard drive failure

Hard drive surface damage

Accidental data or file deletion

Accidental reformatting of RAID

Deleted or corrupted log file

File system corruption

Laptop Hard Drive recovery

Inaccessible drive files

External drive turns on but no files